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Principle Investigator

Binil Starly is currently appointed as a James T. Ryan Professor in the Edward P. Fitts Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at North Carolina State University. His research and education interests include cyber-physical systems in manufacturing, decentralized manufacturing marketplaces and the study of Artificial Intelligence technologies in manufacturing applications. He earned his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering in 2006 from Drexel University, Philadelphia.

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Doctoral Students
Master of Science Students
Undergraduate Research Students
Faculty and External Collaborators

NCSU Collaborators

Dr. Reha Uzsoy (ISE)

Dr. Rohan Shirwaiker (ISE)

Dr. Yuan Shin Lee (ISE)

Dr. Kemafor Ogan (CSC)

Dr. Paul Cohen (ISE)

Dr. Alessandra Scafuro (CSC)

External Collaborators

Dr. Yong Chen (USC - Los Angeles)

Dr. Chen Feng (NYU)

Dr. Louiqa Raschid (UMD - Business)

Dr. Daniele Panozzo (NYU - Comp Sci)

Dr. Shivakumar Raman (OU - Industrial Eng.)

Dr. Jay Pujara (USC-Information Sci. Institute)

Industry and Government Partners

Saint Gobain R&D North America



Atology, Inc.

GrabCAD (Stratasys) Inc.

ABER Instruments, UK

Lab Alumni

"The work in our laboratory would not have happened without the hardwork and excellent contributions from past students. We wish them the best and successful careers. I hope they serve as excellent role models for current and future students". - Dr Starly.

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