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Smart Manufacturing: Moving Machine Data to the Cloud via MQTT
(Offered Live Synchronously Over Zoom)

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Smart Mfg with MQTT

Live on Zoom (weekly, 3hrs each)

Fri, 07.07.23 (9.00am -12.00pm Mountain)

Fri, 07.14.23 (9.00am -12.00pm Mountain)

Fri, 07.21.23 (9.00am -12.00pm Mountain)

This course covers the Smart Manufacturing definition, characteristics and principles. An overview of the Industrial Internet of things software stack and a specific focus on the MQTT protocol. The course also demonstrates a hands-on-guided activity on implementing MQTT with Node-Red.



Over the last decade, data has been recognized as a significant asset in every major industrial sector. There is a tremendous potential for utilizing data as a significant asset in improving manufacturing productivity and enabling a digitalized transformation of the factory floor, all leading to the Smart Manufacturing Environment. 

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What You Will Learn:

  • Smart Manufacturing Definition, Principles and Characteristics.

  • Understand the difference between the Digital Transformation, and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

  • Learn how MQTT enables a unified namepsace among various factory IT/OT Systems.

  • Learn the Pub-Sub Model of Server Communication.

  • Learn the MQTT Protocol and the SparkPlug Specification that enables a core data infrastructure required for Smart Manufacturing implementation.

​Specific Sections:​​

  • Smart Manufacturing Definition

  • Concept of Unified Namespaces in Digital Factories.

  • Digitization and IIoT

  • MQTT Protocol

  • Pub-Sub Model

  • QoS Levels in MQTT

  • MQTT SparkPlug Specification

  • Node-Red with MQTT


  • Dashboard Building Guided Activity

  • Curated Reading References

  • ASU Micro-badge for Completion

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