Introduction to Python Programming Essentials


Python Fundamentals

Begins 2nd Aug 2019


This Python Essentials course teaches you the foundation of the Python programming language. This course includes self-paced learning videos, code along exercises, milestone exercises and a Q&A forum to help answer your questions. A digitally verifiable certificate of completion is made available through Wolfware Outreach if you successfully complete milestone exercises.



Over the last decade, Python and its ecosystem of libraries has become one of the top programming languages used by Mathematicians, Scientists, Engineers, Data Scientists and IT personnel. This course is aimed at building the essential skills for you to be a Python Programmer with video tutorials and programming exercises.

This course however does not replace the Numerical and Scientific Computing in Python course that Dr Starly offers as ISE 435 and ISE 535. The only overlap is that first 4 weeks of the class offered as part of the degree, is similar to the Wolfware Outreach course. The Wolfware Outreach is only the essentials and means to get introduced to Python Programming language.

What You Will Learn:

  • Have a fundamental understanding of the Python programming language.

  • Understand how to utilize professional developer environments with Spyder.

  • Learn the pre-requisite skills in Python to help you learn specific branches of utilizing Python in advanced data analysis.

  • Study control conditions and loops within Python, fundamental to any programming language.

  • Work with Files I/O including text and .CSV files

​Specific Sections:

  • Anaconda Distribution and Spyder IDE for Python.

  • Python Data Types

  • Basic Math Libraries

  • Conditions and Loops

  • Functions

  • Debugging / Error handling

  • Date and Time in Python

  • Files I/O & Directories Handling


  • Continuously Updated

  • Lots of 'Code Along' Exercises

  • Milestone Exercises

  • Digital Certificate of Completion

Course Overview

This video introduces the course and the instructor - Dr Binil Starly

This course has no required pre-requisites and does not assume you to be a programmer.

Detailed course contents and topics covered in this Python Essentials Course

The Digital Certificate issued by the Instructor through the NC State Wolfware Outreach.

Dr Starly shares how you can effectively make best use of course videos and resources.

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bstarly at

Sample Course Videos


The Hello World Program


The For Loop in Python


Sample Exercise using Tuples


Numeric Types in Python


Manipulating Date and Time Objects


Sample Exercise with Reading .CSV

Frequently asked questions

Course Content

How is this course different from online free resources?

There are tons of self-help youtube tutorials on Python but Dr Starly has noticed that many of the free online Python courses are not comprehensive and cover very little depth. The best way to learn, is to practice exercises with Python by yourself and combined with watching the instructor solve exercises, this combined experience enhances your learning and confidence in the language.

Which version of Python is being used in the videos/exercises

Python 3.6 and 3.7 are jointly used within the various section modules and exercise solutions

Are there in-person meetups for this course?

The entire class is taught online. Question regarding exercises and course content can be raised in the Q&A forum of the course.

How soon can I finish the Essentials course?

There are 18hrs of course content related videos. If you have had some prior programming experience and if you can find time to learn for 20hrs per week, you will be able to finish the Python Essentials course in 2 weeks. Based on my experience, most students complete the course content in less than a month with 10hrs spent on the course every week.

Digital Certificate

Will I be able to share the certificate with a potential employer?

Yes, the certificate is digitally verifiable by anyone with whom you share the link. Instructions are provided on how to share your certificate using a site like LinkedIn or you can share directly within your resume.


Should I use my real name when registering for the course?

If you require a certificate of completion, having your real official name is required for the certificate to be issued correctly with your official name.

Can I get a refund after registering for the course?

At this point, no refund is issued after registering for the course. Sample videos and course content is provided to help you make the decision whether to register for the course or not. Please email the instructor if you have questions regarding the course.

I have problems with course registration. Whom should I contact?

The following NC State REPORTER system handles all course registration: Email for questions regarding NC State reporter registration, payment problems and other issues surrounding registration.

How long are the course materials made available for access?

Once you have registered for the course, all course material, including updates to the content are accessible for an entire year.

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