ISE 216: Product Development and Rapid Prototyping

Offered: Every Fall and Spring

Class Enrollment: 50

Co-requisite: ISE 215 (Computer Aided Design Class)

This course covers the product development process from opportunity identification to identifying customer needs to the detailed design of the product model. We will also cover specific tools such as Rapid Prototyping that is extensively used in analyzing design models for evaluation and even limited testing. The key aspect of this course is the project in which teams of students will identify an opportunity, conceive a product solution and apply the development process to prototype a physical product within a given budget. Additional topics will also include Design of Manufacturing and Environment as well as Intellectual property that may be created during the product development effort. This course will employ lectures, supplemental reading, product development case studies, individual writing assignments, group assignments and a final team project.

Download the Syllabus: Fall 2016