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FabWave Data Download

FabWave Open: Uncategorized Dataset

Built from openly available sources of 3D data such as GrabCAD and Autodesk Fusion Gallery. Consists of 3000+ assemblies, processed into their individual parts, numbering over 110,000 parts.

FabWave Categorized: Classes 1-15

Bearings      Bolts      Brackets      Bushing      Bushing_Damping_Liners

Collets        Gasket    Grommets   Headless-Screws       Hex_Head_Screws Keyway_Shaft         Machine_Key    Nuts         O-Rings         Thumb Screws

FabWave Categorized: Classes 16-24

Pipe_Fittings      Pipe Joints      Pipes Rollers       Rotary_Shaft      Shaft_Collar Slotted_Flat_Head_Screws       Socket_Head_Screws                     Washers

FabWave Categorized: Classes 25-45

Boxes                                           Cotter_Pin                External Retaining Rings

Eyesbolts With Shoulders      Fixed Cap Flange                 Gear Rod Stock        Gears                               Holebolts With Shoulders             Idler Sprocket           

Miter Gear Set Screw               Miter Gears                  Rectangular Gear Rack

Routing EyeBolts Closed Eye   Sleeve Washers                 Socket Connect

Flanges                     Sprocket Taper-Lock Bushing    Strut Channel Floor Mount    Strut Channel Side-Side            Tag Holder                         Webbing Guide                                                      Wide Grip External Retaining Ring

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