ISE 216 Product Development and Rapid Prototyping

Offered every Fall by Dr Starly

This is a core course required to be taken by undergraduates in the Industrial and Systems Engineering Curriculum. If space admits, students from other STEM and business majors are also eligible to take the course. The course covers the process of new product development abd tools associated with every stage of the development process. Parallel to concepts being introduced in class, student teams work together to take a conceptual idea and build a prototype to showcase how they have applied content covered in class.

ISE589 : Fundamentals of Additive Manufacturing

Offered every Fall.

This course covers the Fundamentals of Additive manufacturing processes or more commonly known as '3D Printing'. Students will gain hands-on experience with the software used in AM and building parts on several low-end and production scale machines. Student teams work together to utilize as many 3D printing processes as possible to create a product that leverages the benefits of 3D printing while showcasing elements of 'Form & Function' in a creative and innovative display of a 3D printed product.

ISE 589: Foundations of Smart Manufacturing

Offered by Dr Starly and Dr Y.S. Lee every Spring.

This course deals with gaining and understanding of digital manufacturing technologies - particularly CAD/CAM, intelligent manufacturing, and how data can be used to improve the product life cycle beginning from conceptual idea to manufacturing and to end-of-life disposal. Students work in teams to build digital manufacturing tools, in the form of software apps for the Internet of Manufacturing Things (IoMT), Model based Definition of Products, and Manufacturing related apps. For more info: Click Previous Syllabus

ISE789: Manufacturing for Regenerative Medicine

Offered by Dr Starly every alternate Spring semester.

This course is intended to expose students to manufacturing process technologies for Regenerative medicine and activities associated with design and fabrication of living tissue products.  It also looks into the world of stem cells from the perspective of manufacturing and bioprocess engineering. 

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